Monday, May 31, 2010

Fulbright to India

In late April 2010 I received word that my application for a Fulbright research grant to India for the 2010-2011 grant cycle had been accepted. I submitted the application way back in October 2009, and had almost (but not quite) succeeded in forgetting about it, so being awarded the grant was extremely exciting! In August 2010 I will travel to India to spend the next 12 months learning about the national context for climate change adaptation, specifically focusing on ecosystem-based adaptation, it's connection to human health and well-being, and stakeholder processes for investigating locally appropriate adaptation measures. I hope to also conduct a number of case studies to identify climate change vulnerabilities and possible adaptation measures in a variety of landscapes and livelihood types.

I've never kept a blog before, but wanted to share my experiences with friends, family, and collaborators. Please comment and keep in touch, and let me know if I'm doing this wrong...